Scale your business in the UK and the EU with us

I-Fulfilment is strategically placed to provide a Global reach for our clients. With warehouse facilities located in the UK, Europe, USA and China. I-Fulfilment can support businesses during this Peak Season with ease. With Brexit looming and with many businesses looking to reduce their transport and shipping costs to mainland Europe. I-Fulfilment is able to offer their German facility. Ideally located to serve the German and BENELUX region.

Global Infrastructure

Providing a network of fulfilment houses worldwide to support your business as it grows.

USA West Coast
Coming in 2021
USA East Coast
UK - The HQ
Warehouse & Airport
Coming in 2021

How I-Fulfilment can support you after Brexit:

We work with our clients to provide their customers a high quality, end-to-end user experience. Our set up allows our customers to avoid shipping products from the UK to mainland Europe, which can be a lengthy and costly process. Our German facility is on Blade (our own Inventory Management Software) so you can ship products directly or from UK stockholding. Our aim is to provide customers with a Global Platform with a local fulfilment facility by:

  • Providing a Global footprint to allow you to tailor your experience in the local region
  • Manage returns locally so customers have a more efficient service
  • Leverage cost savings with shipping and administration
  • Use of local carriers that locals are more familiar with and may have their apps on their mobile phones
  • Storing of products in our German warehouse offers cheaper storage costs
  • Ideally located to serve the BENELUX region
  • We collect from all major German couriers, handling B2B and B2C orders
  • We provide a dedicated German Customer Service team
  • Management of marketplaces that serve the European region
  • Dedicated German Customer Services team for all those enquiries
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    Have you got your checklist ready?

    The UK Government has pulled together an essential checklist for each business that is readily available on their website. Simply go to:

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