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Back End Developer for SaaS Ops Project

Our Challenge


2022 is going to be a year of great change for our product.  Over many years it has become fundamental to our operations and those of our 130+ e-commerce clients as an internal system.  We are now taking the brave steps and branching out into the SaaS world and need to build a team of exceptional, innovative developers to take us there.

The software is a cloud-based solution for e-commerce order fulfilment. What does that mean, I hear you ask?  Well, fulfilment is where we hold stock in our worldwide warehouses, orders come into the system and they are picked and packed, shipping is calculated and then despatched to the customer.  But it doesn’t stop there, for us to be able to receive orders we integrate with online marketplaces (like Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, etc) and that’s still only part of the story….. we also maintain the listings of products, stock levels, price changes and adding new products, so our dearly beloved software does a lot!  

The main functions are to manage our Warehouse, Fulfilment and Logistics platform from start to finish in a secure environment with the GCP as our bedrock.  From inventory management to controlling orders across multiple e-commerce sales channels, the system is the backbone of our company and ensures our global warehouse locations operate at peak performance 24/7.

What’s the team like?


I’d say we are a pretty diverse bunch, who get along together very nicely. We come up with some brilliant ideas on how to solve the businesses issues, almost on a world domination scale at times! When we are not changing the world, we work with some of the latest technologies to design, build and tweak the software so it can become the best in class. 

We are passionate about finding solutions to make the process of moving goods around the world as seamless as possible, so our customers and their customers get a great experience.  All this commitment requires a little downtime now and again to catch our breath, so our weekly #coffeebreak is a great way to connect both our office and remote workers for ½ hour of fun (sometimes it gets a little competitive) share ideas and find out what’s happening in the team.

The technical bit of your role


Joining our team as a backend developer will give you the opportunity to work with a wide range of tools and technologies. As a growing technology focused company, we are always looking to evaluate and use the best tools for the job, so we welcome people who are enthusiastic about our current tech stack and relish the idea of learning new technologies & techniques within their role.

Our primary backend services are written in PHP (7 & 8) using the Laravel framework, to provide REST APIs for our frontend team to consume within our Angular frontend. You will have the opportunity to tackle interesting and complex problems, in a bid to produce fast and reliable software that processes hundreds of thousands of orders a month.

Specific parts of our backend have been broken out into microservices written in Golang, this has enabled us to provide narrow focused and performant task processing as part of our wider APIs.

The backend team is also responsible for maintaining our Public API written in NodeJS and Typescript and used by lots of companies to help build out the app store ecosystem that grows the platform in new directions.

Within your role you will deploy code into a modern cloud-based environment with a full featured CI/CD system. We make heavy use of Docker and deploy all our services into Google Cloud using Kubernetes and Helm charts. Our APIs are backed by a fully managed MySQL database and make use of many emerging cloud native technologies such as data warehousing tools, caching services and comprehensive cloud monitoring systems.

The Stack


The technologies and tools we rely on are:

–  PHP (Laravel) – Most of our core system.

–  JS (Angular) – Frontend, IOS & Android apps

–  GCP – for most of our infrastructure

–  GO & NodeJS – Microservices

–  Kubernetes – to schedule and run our services

–  Docker – for local development

–  MySQL – Primary DB

–  Elasticsearch – Search & Paging

Think this may be you?


A software engineer at heart and you’re comfortable writing software to solve problems, with an interest in distributed systems and writing resilient, scalable software.

You are familiar with some of our Platform technologies or specialise in just one part and keen to learn more about new technologies and work within a team dedicated to keeping the wheels turning.

If you have any logistics, warehousing or SaaS experience, that’s a big plus for us.

About us


At I-Fulfilment we currently have around 150 employees at our location in Christchurch, Dorset. As we speak our new building at Bournemouth Airport is reaching its final stages of completion for us to move to in April 2022.  This exciting new office & warehouse has been purpose built to provide a unique working environment. It will have a Barista Station, Gym, Yoga room, Wellbeing room, Breakout areas and an outside viewing platform over the airport with a BBQ area.  Next year is a very exciting time for us with not only the software, but with our expansion plans becoming reality. It’s a great time to be involved in shaping our future.  We look forward to meeting you.

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