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I-fulfilment was established in 2002. We are part of a group that specialise in importing and distributing branded and third party products to Multiple Retailers and Independents. Our customers include Amazon.co.uk, Argos, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Comet, Staples and PC World to name but a few.

I-fulfilment benefits from extensive experience in import, distribution and procurement that has been acquired over a number of years. In addition the size of our business enables us to pass significant economies of scale on to our customers in the form of significantly reduced carriage, storage and packing costs.

Over time we have invested heavily in our company infrastructure. The logical progression from this is that we offer our advanced fulfilment platform to third parties allowing them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and focus on what they do best...sell!

We are always very keen to use technology to streamline our business and as a result to compliment our service we created BLADE IMS in 2010 - our own proprietary fulfilment solution. This integrates seamlessly with virtually all order management systems and shopping carts creating a fully automated fulfilment process from order placement to dispatch. This eliminates human error and guarantees a fast efficient low cost service.

A key feature of BLADE IMS is that it gives every one of our customers 24/7 access to 'real time' information relating to orders, inventory and billing and ensures that they maintain 100% control of their business at all times. The system can be accessed worldwide from any pc through a secured portal placing all necessary information at our customer's fingertips.

Since our inception we have managed fulfilment for a number of business's including many high profile customers who specialise in a variety of product areas ranging from small batteries to large cooling appliances. We are very proud that during that period we have retained 98% of this business, which is a strong endorsement of the dedicated, proactive service we provide.

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