Peak & Holiday Season - are you prepared?

With Black Friday falling on Friday 26th November and Cyber Monday on 29th November, Retailers predict selling far more items online than they do during the rest of the year. That puts pressure on the whole supply chain, from inventory to delivery, as goods travel faster and further than ever.

What you can do to ensure you are ahead of the game this Peak Season. Plan with the data you have available. From last year's peak season to the recent Amazon Prime Day. How efficiently are your processes at present? How quickly did your inventory arrive? Your data will reveal what went right and what could be improved.

Next, you should review your inventory. Once you have a view of what stock you have available as well a prediction of how fast your products will sell then you can optimise accordingly. Finally, review holiday dates, from October to the Christmas holidays, what dates are carriers working?

While many tactical Prime / Black Friday / Cyber Monday preparations still apply, there are several considerations to you should bear in mind.

Below is our handy guide as to how to be prepared and cope with this busy time of year:

Embed Flexibility

Make sure your supply chain has flex. The staff and fuel shortages are having a knock-on effect with delivers, so you need to be able to react fast. Blade, our software that manages the complete click to delivery process, you can easily switch between carriers to make sure you can overcome any courier capacity of driver shortage issues with ease.

Staying on top of your inventory

Maintaining a good stock inventory is an important factor in generating sales on Amazon and your own website. With Blade - our own inventory Management Software, we are able to split inventory stock across marketplace platforms so you can clearly mange your stock levels. Especially during a high-traffic event like Prime Day. In addition, you can manage you inventory stock for various marketplaces in one place as well as track when orders come in, when they are dispatched and which courier has been used.

With Blade you will have a full view of your stock, market places, orders and shipping rules all in one place. You can download the Blade app on Android and iOS and track your orders on the go.

If at any point you need help our team of in-house specialists can support you whenever you need it.

Ordering stock - for the Peak Season

Importing your inventory through our seamless process will ensure you have the stock available for the holiday season. As soon as your stock arrives in our warehouse it will be checked in and processed in a timely manner. Meaning you have the stock available to sell as soon as its checked into Blade. Blade automatically updates your marketplaces.

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How we manage your products

We take great care of your products, from the minute they arrive to one of our many warehouses. Here is a snapshot of our efficient processes:

Fulfilment Model vs Self Fulfilment Model

Is now the right time to outsource your fulfilment business? Here are the advantages as to why many people and businesses prefer to outsource and simplify their operations with our I-Fulfilment team:

I-Fulfilment Model

  • Stores your stock freeing up space & cost
  • Shorter shipping times
  • Trained professional staff
  • Will pick and pack for you
  • Labels shipments & custom packaging
  • Dedicated customer service division
  • Own software that is fully automated
  • Fast returns process
  • Multi Lingual services
  • Marketing Support Services
  • E-Commerce services handling for Amazon

Self Fulfilment Model

  • Your company is expanding
  • Time consumed with picking, packing and shipping
  • Unable to manage your inventory across all channels
  • Scaling is proving to be difficult
  • Shipping costs can be costly
  • Time and effort is taken away from selling

Our in house software

Blade has been designed with you and your business in mind. We’ve ensured it has all the elements needed to manage your business even whilst on the go.

Get orders out faster

Manage multi-channels orders with ease

Manage back orders and pre-orders

Fast returns integration that is white labelled

Professional reporting that can be created, by you

What you say about us

  • Zaheer., K

    "As a family-run ecommerce brand, letting go of fulfilment wasn't easy. We'd been handling our own logistics since day-one, but it was clear we'd outgrown our in-house fulfilment capacity. Receiving inventory and despatching orders was eating up way too much of our time that should otherwise have been spent doing what we do best: developing and marketing new products. We searched Companies House for every company in the UK with the word 'fulfilment' in their name. There were many great companies that made the shortlist, but few hit the mark like I-Fulfilment. We looked for solutions that could offer competitive fulfilment rates for both national and international orders, an integrated base in the USA for our future expansion plans, and a solid software platform through which we could control our orders and inventory. I-Fulfilment offered all of these, but what really gave us confidence was our outlook after visiting their operations in Christchurch. Their systems were robust, their offices and warehouse were neat, clean and organised, and their staff and management were both pleasant and progressive in their outlook of the ecommerce fulfilment space. When we ran the numbers, I-Fulfilment was not the cheapest solution, but price was not our only criteria. The fact that they've processed thousands of orders, and not a single one has had any packing, labelling or despatching issues is simply priceless. Thankfully, the hassle of things going wrong is something I've not had to be concerned with. Whether it's been retail or wholesale orders, they've been spot-on each time. It feels great to have such a great partner on board, leaving us free to focus on growing the business. Our only wish is to have found I-Fulfilment sooner!"

    Zaheer., K
    Nov 2020
  • David, A

    "Best fulfilment partner and managed services company in the UK. I outsourced a large portion of our business to
    i-Fulfilment and we were able to grow the company significantly as a result."

    David, A
  • Bob and Ant L , Co-Founders

    "Since moving to I-Fulfilment we have received a fantastic service in terms of both fulfilment and customer service. They are very supportive of their brands they work with and are always looking to evolve and improve their service with technology to offer a cutting edge solution. We enjoy working with them as our partners and have no hesitation in recommending them.”

    Bob and Ant L , Co-Founders
    June, 2020
  • “We have been working with the I-Fulfilment team over the last 4 years in starting up our distribution business and they have been instrumental to our success as our Operational, Logistics and Customer Service partner. They are professional, innovative and helpful in finding solutions for the challenges that come up. Their business can support all distribution channels – ecommerce, wholesale and Amazon and overall their customer service is excellent, which is reflected in the Trustpilot Reviews we receive.”

    Kelly C, Co-owner
    March, 2020