Reach your customers across the UK with our Fulfilment Centres.

Connecting your products
to customers with ease

Our UK fulfilment centres are strategically placed in Christchurch, Dorset. We are in close proximity to the container ports in Southampton and Bournemouth Airport with its European network. As well as being in close proximity to both national courier hubs and international airports.

Optimised Shipping

Blade will automatically review a panel of carriers to find the best price for your business

Fast Shipping

Delivery of your products next day to European destinations


Into our own market leading software Blade, to Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Magento and more

I-Fulfilment Headquarters

Low cost reverse logistics

We have a dedicated team that manage European returns from our site which enables us to offer a comprehensive low cost reverse logistics package for our Clients.

Modern facilities on hand

Our UK HQ is fitted with modern facilities from meeting rooms with presentation facilities (that we offer to our clients) as well as a dedicated design and photography studio.

State of the art facility

With a 120,000 sqft facility in Christchurch, Dorset. Our UK warehouse was purpose built with high eves to maximise the storage footprint. We also use the latest VNA (very narrow aisle) forklifts to ensure all space is fully utilised.

Prominent Location

Our site has excellent road links and is situated close to Southampton docks, ideal for low cost container deliveries.

Rapid worldwide delivery

Our UK location has frequent daily collections from all the principle carriers injecting into the main logistics hubs, ensure rapid delivery - worldwide.

Services from our HQ

Our core departments such as IT, Customer Service, Sales, Marketplace Management, Marketing & Content, Purchasing and Accounts are based at this site.

Worldwide Fulfilment

Providing you with a globally connected network of warehouses – with a seamless management and delivery of your inventory worldwide.

NEW HQ coming 2022

We are expanding our network of UK operations, with a strategically placed HQ and warehouse next to Bournemouth Airport. With an extensive range of fulfilment and added value service options, the site will also offer premium serviced offices and co-working spaces. We are envisaging this will be a bustling innovation hub for brands and related service companies.

Advanced Infrastructure

Our state of the art infrastructure is purpose built and optimised for B2B and B2C distribution.

CCTV Security

Our facilities are fully secure with round-the-clock CCTV in place, ensuring stock is monitored at each stage - from the point it arrives to the moment it leaves the building.

Redcare Alarm

We operate a comprehensive redcare alarm system that is linked to the police. Combined with our other security measures, this ensures stock is safeguarded at all times.

Low Energy

Our buildings have been built to the latest standards, minimising our impact on the environment. We use low energy lighting throughout our buildings.

Access Control

Our premises have a full access control system - providing enhanced security to stock and assets. The system has a detailed reporting system monitoring staff movements 24/7.

Secure Areas

We operate 'secure areas' with heightened surveillance for high value stock items.

Environmentally Friendly

As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, we have taken the initiative to invest heavily in onsite recycling equipment for better management of cardboard, plastics, and WEE. We are focused on being environmentally friendly - and continue to find new ways to play our part in protecting the environment.